Booost is found to solve one single problem - to make startups investable.

Together with Angel Investors around us, we have turned down numerous startups because of their shaky foundation in product, fundraising history, and/or legal frameworks.

While frustrated on how teams have gotten themselves into these messes, we decided to stop ranting.

We decided to set things straight.

Hence the birth of Booost, an incubator backed by a network of business Angels, and operated by Catalyst Ventures & OOOSH Coworking.

Booost will work alongside 6 handpicked teams per year, with raw talent and great potential in a 6-month incubation program, to groom them into investible startups.


Cloudbreakr is a trustable analytics engine to find and work with the right influencers. Founded in Hong Kong, they have a presence in Malaysia and Taiwan, serving top-tier retail brands across beauty, fashion and electronics. Cloudbreakr is one of the 7 startups to selected into the HK AI lab program led by Alibaba, SenseTime and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

Arical is an Intelligent Architectural and Real Estate Consulting Platform that enables architects and urban planners to instantly generate pragmatic building designs and master plans from urban planning data, building regulations, architectural standards, site constraints and client requirements.

Telkie is an integrated chatbot specialised for hotels to engage online visitors and generating business leads for more direct business.

Founded in early 2018 and beta-launched in June 2018, Telkie has already engaged more than 15 hotels in Hong Kong and expanding to other Asian countries soon.

TripGuru is a digital tours and activities supplier in South East Asia that creates unique travel experiences based on industry trends and data analysis.

Zectr is an automated consumer insight and analytics AI system. Zectr helps B2C businesses to find out what consumers want, help them make better decisions and craft products and campaigns that work.


We are a team of travel and marketing veterans, who are previously investment banker turned serial entrepreneurs, startup mentors, hoteliers and marketing whizzes, connected over the passion for building and funding the future of the verticals they know and love.

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Area of expertise:

Corporate Advisory
Financial Modelling
Ho Wan Fong
Area of expertise:

Cloud computing
Digital Media Technologies
Loyalty Businesses
Blockchain Platform
Design thinking
Michael Yung
Area of expertise:
API Economy
Open Banking
Cloud & Mobile Architecture
Patrick Fan
Area of expertise:
Digital Transformation
Business Development
Commercial and Consumer Marketing
Harris Chan
Area of expertise:
Product Strategy
Product Development
Company Strategy
Global Market Expansion
Alvin Hung
Area of expertise:
Corporate Finance
Early-Stage Investing
Asset Management
Alex So
Area of expertise:
Startup Fundraising
Cap Table Management
Equity Management
Business Development
Company Strategy
Andy Lee
Area of expertise:
Visual System Design
Digital Transformation
International Market Expansion
Bennett Leung

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